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Hair reduction

what is laser hair reduction?

Laser Hair Reduction is a proven, quick and virtually pain-free method to treat unwanted body hair. In the past, laser hair reduction was lengthy and uncomfortable, but now with technological advances, it’s a fast and easy way to shed your unwanted hair! Get rid of your razors…No more cuts and scars!

what are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Virtually Pain Free
  • Quick and Easy Service Time
  • Safe on all Skin Types
  • Replaces shaving and waxing
  • Smoother Skin
  • Helps with Ingrown Hairs
  • FDA Approved for “permanent hair reduction”
  • how does laser hair reduction work?
Laser Hair Reduction involves selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles with bursts of intense light energy. This damages the hair follicle, reducing unwanted hair.

does laser hair reduction hurt?

Now with the latest design, laser hair reduction is virtually painless. Razor cuts are much more painful than laser hair reduction! No more scabs from shaving!

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